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A lasting impression with Alugraphics advertising plates

A lasting impression with Alugraphics advertising plates


Alugraphics is the newest way to print on aluminium. The combination of aluminium with the very latest techniques in the field of printing and processing materials ensures photorealistic graphics on advertising plates such as mouse mats (for instance). Alugraphics will enable you to achieve the ultimate effect - an image nobody will forget!

By processing the aluminium in a special way, Alugraphics can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses that are durable. This special technique, anodizing, ensures a UV-resistant, scratch-resistant print for advertising plates. Meaning you will always be able to enjoy the same graphic quality as when it was straight out the factory!

Benefits of SCHURTER Alugraphics

 • Printing with photorealistic quality

 • Full-colour printing (e.g. on mouse mats)

 • UV-resistant

 • Scratch-resistant

 • Resistant to cleaning agents

 • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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Alugraphics, a multifunctional solution for advertising plates

Alugraphics are pre-eminently well suited to luxurious and exclusive printing of your pictorial logo on advertising plates such as mouse mats (for instance). Their versatile properties will enable you to use Alugraphics in a wide array of environments.

The special printing techniques used ensure that SCHURTER Alugraphics are resistant to a great many external influences. UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and resistant to cleaning agents - just some of a number of characteristics of Alugraphics. Consequently, you will be able to use Alugraphics for a wide array of purposes: As a durable type designation, as presentation material for your company or as a give-away (printed mouse mats) - the possibilities are endless! We'd be happy to advise you.

Materials and techniques

Anodizing ensures extreme durability

Alugraphics are produced by using an entirely new technique of aluminium processing. This ensures photorealistic images with an extremely high degree of durability. Two characteristics that will help elevate your pictorial logo to the next level.

Alugraphics use a special printing and anodizing process which results in the pixels being in the aluminium rather than on the aluminium. In the aluminium's pores, to be precise. Digital printing and anodizing - these are what give Alugraphics its extreme durability.


This technology also ensures you are able to enjoy photorealistic printing. Alugraphics from SCHURTER see to it that a lasting impression is made on your customers. One that will be as enduring as the quality of the Alugraphics.

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