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High Current Appliance Inlet for PCB Mounting

Series 1601 is built according to IEC/EN 60320-1, C20

Schurter's comprehensive range of high current inlets and outlets are being used successfully worldwide and especially in North America. The latest addition to this broad range of products is series 1601, which is designed for PCB mounting.

PCB mounting eliminates costly wiring and provides a highly economic and efficient installation alternative. The 1601-X-4460-A-20 has 3 PCB terminals and an additional 6.3 mm quick-connect at the ground terminal. The version 1601-X-4460-A-29 also offers additional 6.3 mm quick-connects at L and N. The combination of pcb and fast-on terminals offers multiple connection possibilities.

The body of the 1601 is made from flame resistant thermoplastic PA6/UL94V-0. The live parts are made of copper alloy. The pins are nickel-plated and the terminals are tin-plated. The inlet is designed according to the standards IEC60320-1 / EN 60320-1 / VDE 0625-1 and is UL and CSA approved at 21 A/250 VAC and ENEC approved at 16 A/250 VAC. Applications include equipment with higher power requirements, such as household appliances, consumer goods, IT and telecommunication equipment, medical equipment, portable industrial appliances and machines. Lead-time is stock to six weeks.

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