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Power Entry Module Offers Maximum Functionality with Minimal Dimensions

DD series is most compact power entry design for safe power input

SCHURTER announced today the new DD11 and DD12 power entry modules as an extension to their existing snap-in and pcb mount counterparts. The new addition with mounting flange is offered for applications requiring screw mounting to the panel.

The DD series provides up to four functions packed into a 49 x 30 mm space saving package. The additional mounting flange supports horizontal mounting, thereby optimizing space while providing maximum functionality. The inlet portion of the unit (according to IEC 60320-1, style C14 or C18), integrates a fuseholder, switch and optional standard or medical EMC filter.

The DD series is especially suited for medical applications, designed to comply with IEC 60601-2. The fusedrawers are offered as 1 or 2-pole and accept 5 x 20mm fuses. An extra-safe feature prevents users from removing the fusedrawer while the power cord is plugged into the equipment. The medical filter limits leakage current to 5 or 80 uA respectively. The M80 version provides increased attenuation of electro-magnetic interference, yet still meets the leakage requirements for non-patient contact devices. The 2-pole switch offers an inrush current peak of 100 A capacitive for 3 ms and is available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

The series is rated for currents up to 8 A at 125 VAC 60 Hz by UL/CSA, and 10 A at 250 VAC 50 Hz by IEC/EN. It is also suited for use in applications as described in IEC 60950, such as measurement, office, security and data communications equipment. The compact design makes it ideally suited for use in low profile designs, especially 1RU enclosures for 19" racks, and IT and telecom infrastructures where equipment is continually downsized. Delivery is stock to 6 weeks.

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