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SCHURTER, Inc. receives Best Places to Work Award

For the tenth year in a row SCHURTER, Inc. in Santa Rosa has received the award as a Best Place to Work in the North Bay.

Every year the North Bay Business Journal solicits nominations for its Best Places to Work competition. Eligible companies must be located in six Northern California counties. Nominations may be submitted by any employee. If the nomination is accepted by the Business Journal, the company has to complete a formal application, and all employees of the nominated company are invited to participate in an online survey which asks questions about their views of the company they work for, the people they work with, the employment conditions, etc. A response rate of at least 50% of employees is required for the nomination to go forward. We can proudly state that SCHURTER, Inc. achieved an employee participation rate of 95% this year.

After a three month process of gathering nominations and applications, collecting the anonymous employee input and then performing an extensive review, winners are selected in various categories, depending on the number of employees, from a minimum of 15 to several thousand.

The award is formally known as the North Bay Business Journal's Best Places to Work and, in the Journal's own words, "It recognizes organizations which are rising above others in quality, professionalism, respect and camaraderie as reported by their employees."

An awards ceremony for all participants will be held at the end of September, and winners will be presented with a commemorative plaque. The event regularly attracts about 700 representatives from industry and commerce in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and other North Bay counties.

"I am very pleased by the decade-long recognition SCHURTER, Inc. is receiving, and I am especially proud of the active involvement by our dedicated employees in the nomination process," said company CEO, Leonard Overholser.

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