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SCHURTER at the Anwenderforum "Passive Components"

This year, the Forum will take place from 2 - 3 July 2019 in the Hotel Hyperion in Munich. Herbert Blum, Product Manager at SCHURTER, will give a presentation on filter design.

The aim of the Forum "Passive Components" is to provide circuit designers and technical buyers with the most important basics on passive components so that they become safer and more familiar when dealing with capacitors & Co.

SCHURTER Product Manager Herbert Blum will give a lecture on "The ideal filter in just 6 steps" on July 3. Every developer of an electrical or electronic device is faced with the same problem: in the end, the device must comply with international EMC guidelines regarding emissions and immissions. The causes of EMC interference can be very different. Therefore, standard filters are not always the simplest and best solution. With an "Evaluation Board", an almost ideal filter for the specific incident can be built within a short time in an iterative process.

We are pleased to present the new "Evaluation Board".

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