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TME Electronic Components signs distribution agreement with SCHURTER Electronic Components

TME Electronic Components signs pan-European distribution agreement with SCHURTER Electronic Components

Lucerne, September 12, 2011 – TME Electronic Components, an east-European high-service distributor of electronic components extends its linecard with products from SCHURTER Electronic Components, Switzerland. Based on the distribution agreement, TME Electronic Components will promote the full range of SCHURTER’s Components throughout Europe.

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive und active electronic components for circuit protection, connectors, switches, EMC products and input systems. In addition SCHURTER offers electronic manufacturing services for the electronics industry.

TME Electronic Components was founded in 1990 and delivers today more than 65'000 quality products to central and eastern European markets. TME Electronic Components offers semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components, devices, workplace equipment and other electronic goods. TME Electronic Components is eager to deliver its goods worldwide and serves already customers in more than 45 countries.

„We are confident to further strengthen our market position in the growing eastern European market with help of our new distribution partner TME Electronic Components”, says Mathias Lischer, Distribution Manager from SCHURTER Electronic Components.

„We are very proud that we can provide our customers with high-end SCHURTER products and we will do our best in order to develop the sales of these components in our part of Europe. We are confident that this is the beginning of a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation”, says Zbigniew Kuczyński, Chairman of TME Electronic Components.

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