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Competences & Quality


SCHURTER is key manufacturer for customized front panels and touch solutions. Our customers rely on the technical expertise of our specialists, professional project management, assistance for a fast market entry and reliable and sustainable deliveries. Please click on one of the following competences to learn how SCHURTER Input Systems can assist your business:

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    Knowledge & expertise

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    Short time to market assistance

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    Reliability and sustainable deliveries

SCHURTER produces solutions on the highest industry standards. This makes SCHURTER the leading company in customized touch solutions. Do you also want to cooperate with us and benefit from these advantages, please contact us

PLC Management

"Being a total solutions provider, we take full responsibility for your input system during the complete cycle. This approach will save you costs and time."

- Ronald van der Voort, product manager touchscreens

For each new development, understanding of the application area and the fulfilment of the product specifications are the basis for getting an optimum solution. HMI systems for industrial and medical devices are subject to an extended life time expectancy of 10-15 years.

SCHURTER's workflow is dedicated to reach the expected life time of your application. It is explained in this video:


SCHURTER Input Systems has developed the highest touchscreen know-how in our industry. This includes both resistive touchscreens and projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP). Our specialists design the touch sensors themselves and we have the equipment to produce small series to test and optimize in-house. Customers benefit from our knowledge with customized touch solutions specifically for their application. We offer fast available prototypes thanks to our in-house

More than 20 years of experience with resistive touchscreens helps us building up knowledge how to integrate touchscreens into all kinds of housings. This includes stainless steel, aluminium and polymer housings. Every material has its own specifics with sometimes positive and sometimes negative effects on the integration. An example of effects of regulation is the food industry. The food industry has limited possibilities in choosing material. Within our customer base we have many companies in the food industry and we are therefore experienced in the different options.

Short time to market assistance

Most customers have a tight planning for product introduction. SCHURTER understands this and has implemented a professional project management and product lifecycle management inclusive clear defined gates. With this we ensure that our customers can rely on qualified and verified products from the first part.

The design work is made by using the most modern 3D software and the qualification with the most modern infrastructure available.

SCHURTER has built a protoshop for fast prototype building. This includes, if applicable, the customized touch sensor. At the Hardenberg premises SCHURTER has all machinery available to produce the sensor, connect the tail, print the required colours, optimize in autoclave and integrate touch solutions in the housing. SCHURTER is virtually the only European supplier in our industry which is able to produce everything in small volumes in Europe. Often the project teams like to optimize after they have seen the result and the different parts come together. With a protoshop such iterations are not causing time stress but only enabling perfection. The perfection all quality minded companies desire.

Reliable deliveries – production process

SCHURTER Input Systems has own factories in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and in China to produce your customized touch solution. These factories all work under modern management systems like World Class Manufacturing, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Lean Production. With our best in class infrastructure and machinery SCHURTER guarantees efficient manufacturing according to the highest standards in our industry.

To our customers we act as one face by using our key account managers. This keeps things easy to handle over the complete product life cycle process and guarantees that you can rely on one responsible partner: SCHURTER.

SCHURTER Input Systems focusses on complete product assembly and tests. This allows us to optimize handling costs and save time for our customers. All projects are customized solutions. Also customized automation, when possible, is state of the art and brings you in an advanced cost position. Whatever your requirements are, if technical possible SCHURTER can completely adapt the solution to your specifications and design wishes.

Many key companies rely on the SCHURTER production facilities. One of the reasons SCHURTER is the leading company in customized touch solutions. contact us

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