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Industrial Equipment

Approved components as and when required

Approved components as and when required

Industrial Equipment

Approved components as and when required

SCHURTER offers a vast range of internationally approved components for the use in almost any industrial equipment. Over 20’000 products are worldwide available at your preferred point of purchase.

SCHURTER commodities are the right choice wherever 1- or 2-phase power supplies are used in the manufacturing of electronic devices. Our worldwide distribution network with 650 sales branches and offices on four continents guaranties you shortest possible delivery times. The high availability of SCHURTER components over your preferred distribution channels contributes to the prevention of production bottlenecks.

Benefit from the competent SCHURTER support like measuring or individual designs for your specific requirements. For safe and easy self-servicing, we provide detailed technical specification and lifetime documentation. We are on your side, be it for your regular orders from stock or for any special task you entrust us with.

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  • UMT-H_0.18_10A_Pressebild_1

    SCHURTER announces VDE and UL approvals for its SMD fuse with 1500 A breakingcCapacity

    Compact, high performance fuse is optimal for intrinsically safe applications

    SCHURTER’s Universal Modular fuse, UMT-H, offers a 1500 A breaking capacity at rated voltages of 277 VAC / 250 VDC. The compact, high performance fuse now has VDE approval in addition to UL approval. This time-lag fuse provides overcurrent and short circuit protection in various industrial ...

  • FPG_7_Fingergrip_Slot_3101_007x_xx_SEC_GS_PG02_Sicherungshalter_Fuseholder

    FPG7: SMD fuseholder now with stabilizing posts

    SCHURTER now equips its FPG7 shock-safe SMD fuseholder with two stabilizing posts. The added posts extend from the existing front standoffs, providing increased stability during board assembly, and when replacing the fuse. The FPG7 is also the only shock-safe SMD fuseholder on the market for ...

  • USF_1206_Pressebild

    SCHURTER chip fuses: Low-loss and precise

    SCHURTER offers a broad range of high-quality chip fuses, which were developed specially for low-loss and precise overcurrent protection in secondary circuitry. Six different types, available in chip dimensions from 0402 to 1206, offer compact and effective protection in the event of a fault.

  • SHT_6.3x32_SGE_GS_PG01_Pressebild_1

    SHT 6.3x32 / SHT 6.3x32 pigtail

    With the SHT 6.3x32, SCHURTER is expanding its range of high-voltage equipment fuses. The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at rated voltage opens up many interesting application possibilities. The SHT 6.3x32 is available as a fuse link or pigtail version. Both models protect personnel and ...

  • 4710_SGE_GST_PG07_IDC

    IEC outlet with IDC terminals speed assembly for power distribution units

    SCHURTER announces its latest IEC appliance outlet with insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals, the 4710. The new outlet provides increased power ratings over the popular 6610 series for heavier duty PDU applications.

  • FMAC_FMBC_ECO_Übersicht

    EMC solutions efficient and economic

    FMAC ECO / FMBC ECO – Cost optimized 3-phase line filters

  • 5707_Pressebild

    Power Entry Module Provides Added Seal Protection

    Series 5707 offers seal protection to the equipment and power input

  • 1658_PG07_Kabelsteckdose_Pressebild_3

    High-temperature power connectors – SCHURTER with a full range of products meeting IEC 60320, C22 & C21 @ 155⁰C

    For applications requiring high power and corresponding power connectors rated for use at elevated ambient temperatures, SCHURTER now offers the 1681 appliance inlet and mating 1658 and 1659 cord connectors.

  • GSP4_Pressebild_1_SGE_GST_PG07

    IEC appliance inlet GSP4 for print circuit boards

    SCHURTER has developed a new 16 A appliance inlet for efficient mounting. Designed for print circuit board mounting, the appliance inlet can be easily sandwiched between split enclosures and tested before it is installed in the equipment. Stabilizing posts provide quick snap-in assembly to the ...

  • TA35_C124F100C0_911_Pressebild_3

    Thermal Circuit Breaker Snaps-in As Easy As 1-2-3

    Skilfully designed and compact TA35 series circuit breaker is available in 1-, 2- or 3-pole versions

    SCHURTER's TA35 series introduces a new generation of Circuit Breakers for Equipment. The breakers are available in 1-, 2- or 3-pole arrangements and stand out through their compact form and attractive design.

  • MSM19_1241_6624_1125000_SGE_ES_PG70_Pressebild_1

    Illuminated Metal Switch

    Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor

  • KMF_Pressebild_1

    KMF protection class II: Compact power entry module for protection class II equipment

    SCHURTER expands its wide range of power entry modules to include versions, without ground pin, for use in protection class II double-insulated applications. The KMF power entry module is already very popular for use in protection class I equipment, due to its high functionality in a compact ...

  • FMAB_NEO_N4PH_Pressebild_2

    FMAB NEO: Compact single-phase filter for a wide current range

    SCHURTER is expanding its successful single-phase filter family, FMAB NEO, with new design series P and Q. This range of single-phase filters combines high performance in a compact design. The new series extends the range of current ratings up to 60 A, with an extended temperature range from ...

  • DKFS_B22B_5K5J_SGE_EMV_PG81_Drosseln_SMD

    Simple circuit simulation: SPICE library for common-mode chokes

    To assist in the simulation of circuits, SCHURTER now offers SPICE libraries for common-mode chokes on circuit boards.

  • FMBB_MRYB_1010_SGE_GST_PG06_Pressebild_1

    EMC filters for DIN rail mounting

    SCHURTER expands its filter product portfolio, introducing EMC filters for DIN rail mounting series FMAB-RAIL and FMBB-RAIL for 1-phase systems, FMAC-RAIL for 3-phase-systems and FMAD-RAIL for 3-phase-systems with neutralline.

"Innovation is our business. In SCHURTER we have found a flexible and reliable partner who helps us realize our ideas on the highest level possible."

Roland Durot, Customer, System Planner

Safety is our Business

Innovation and Engineering

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry worldwide. Success for and together with our customers is our permanent incentive. We are accustomed to being innovative to meet challenges in diverse markets. We boldly realize new ideas, and we support and drive forward our R&D teams, each day anew.

Quality and Approvals

SCHURTER guarantees the consistently high quality and absolute reliability of its products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities as well as our up-to-date know-how make sure we can fulfi l our motto: “Clean and Safe Supply of Power – Ease of Use.” Our products carry all the country-specifi c certifi cation labels such as VDE, ENEC, UL, CCC, etc.

Manufacturing Capability

SCHURTER employs the latest technology in production automation. Our skills cover plastic molding, sheet metal forming, electroplating and equipment assembling with high degree of automation as well as screen printing and manufacturing of membrane switches in clean rooms (class 10'000) plus housings and assembling of PCB-Boards and EMC filter development with measurement support.

Sales & Distribution Partners

SCHURTER is an influential, globally active industrial partner – and hence very much in touch with the market: with headquarters in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with regional representatives and more than 200 distributors in about 60 countries, all members in the top echelon of their respective industries. Thus, we are in a position to fully guarantee the availability of our products and solutions around the globe – as well as providing access to all corresponding technical information around the clock.

Local Customer Care

SCHURTER and its international representatives are perfectly familiar with the prevailing local regulations, requirements and special circumstances. Together we monitor trends and satisfy needs in the market at large as well as with regard to the individual users. The strong presence in our sales regions implies that where possible and appropriate, we manufacture locally. In line with market and competition but always adhering to the same uncompromising quality standards as set by the parent company in Switzerland.

SCHURTER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of passive and active electronic components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of equipment.

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The SCHURTER Range at a Glance Catalog contains an overview of the company's entire product range.

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